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All of my family says, “I can’t believe she’d ever scream those things to you.I can’t believe she’d ever do that.” It’s a two-faced situation.One of the contentions I have with the treatment is that they never stopped treating for ADHD. I just want to give you more information on what’s going on and if you think it’s relevant and it affects the treatment, I’m hoping it will.I consider it to be a misdiagnosis, because when you give a bipolar speed, they try to take on more than they should. When I talk to her physician, she’s not in the room and there isn’t a privacy issue because I approach them and say, “I’m in the middle of this. I’m telling you everything and you benefit from it in any way you want. If it doesn’t, I don’t know what to do.” Unfortunately, when you’re the spouse it’s a lot different than more distance family.So, when I told her doctor what was going on, that led to a bipolar diagnosis and a round of treatment that eventually didn’t work.Then, I had to intervene again with her treatment and get her on something else.It’s a complex decision and I think it helps to separate the decision to end your marriage from how to end your marriage.Deciding on the how, will be easier once you’ve reached the point of truly believing that divorce is the best option for you.

I have to be very careful about what I say to my wife about her illness. I have to get outside help to convince her what’s obvious to me.In terms of how, a legal separation may address some concerns with breaking your marriage vows and is worth exploring.From a practical standpoint, I encourage clients to think in terms of loving detachment.In getting to your decision, it’s always helpful to learn as much as you can about your spouse’s condition – typical symptoms, treatment, on-going concerns and long-term prognosis.This will help you formulate a picture of what the future holds and understand the possibilities for change.

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I had to approach her ADHD doctor and tell her what was really going on.

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